Documentation of xmera Omnia - Community Edition

Open source information and data security management system

What is the Community Edition of xmera Omnia?

The Community Edition comes as a comprehensive set of open source plugins which can be installed together with Redmine,
the core of xmera Omnia.


It is available to everyone who is already familiar with Redmine or Ruby on Rails web apps or is ready to learn about.

In order to run xmera Omnia on your server you need to build and install the web application by your self.

How to build and install xmera Omnia Community Edition?

Currently, there are no dedicated installation instructions for building and installing xmera Omnia Community Edition.

You can find the full list of the current xmera Omnia components here .

Fortunately, there is a huge Redmine Community providing some 'How to' instructions and answering your questions in forums.

Here are some helpful links for you:

Who can I contact if I need support?

When you need support with the installation of Redmine please navigate to and browse the community help forum.

When you need support with one of the required plugins you should contact either

When you need professional support please contact to get a quote for a subscription.

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