xmera Omnia Components

xmera Omnia consists of several components.

You can download the components of the Community Edition on GitHub.


Please read the docs and the individual plugin instructions in the respective plugin wiki.

Component Commnuity Edition Enterprise Edition
Redmine Base Deface
Redmine Legal Notes
Redmine Cookie Consent
Redmine DMSF
Redmine Message Customize
Redmine News Notification
Redmine Reports
Redmine Colored Enumeration
Redmine Edit CF At Issues Index
Redmine Computable Custom Field
Redmine Login Attempts Limit
Redmine Subproject Collapse
Redmine Matrix Field
Redmine Issue Sync
Redmine Project Types
Redmine Project Types Relations
Redmine Table Calculation
Redmine Table Calculation Inheritance
Redmine Dashboards
Redmine Drawio
Redmine Email Customizer
xmera Omnia Operations
xmera Omnia Preconfig
Omnia Theme


We are looking for volunteers helping us to improve the documentation for the community edition! If you like to help, please register here. We will get in touch with you.

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