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The xmera Omnia Demo Guide is written in AsciiDoc and convertible into HTML by Antora or converitble into a pdf file.


The documentation is based on AsciiDoc. The adoc-files are converted to a HTML documentation by Antora and to a PDF document by Asciidoctor PDF.

So you need to install:

For doing so, make sure you run the latest Node.js LTS version:

node --version

Install all dependencies of this project by

npm install

Create xmera Omnia Demo Guide via Makefile

Create the Antora HTML pages and start the guide with Firefox:

make html_browser

Create the pages without starting the browser:

make html

Create the pdf document and start the document in the document reader:

make pdf

NOTE The PDF Creator is not working right now!


All notable changes to this project will be reported in the changelog.


xmera Omnia Demo Guide © 2022 by xmera Solutions GmbH is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.

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